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Best 7 Pictures Pontiac Firebird Wallpaper

brought firewood back in from the tent and uh when we fired it up in there it was not happy so we’re gonna figure out what’s Happening. happening today so we uh we Did. did notice his low in fuel so we dumped uh four gallons of gas in it and uh fired it up i’m gonna let you hear it it’s uh kind of obvious that There’s. there’s something not right yeah it doesn’t sound very good at all so i’ll go fire It.

it up and uh let you guys listen to what uh what it’s Not.

not supposed to sound so yeah again this This.

this engine it’s a 403 out of a 79 firebird or a 79 trans. am so it’s it’s an old mobile engine which obviously is not the correct one for this car but uh dave’s gonna Fire. fire it up and we’ll just see what happens here okay. Applause yeah it’s uh got a timing issue by the sounds of it And.

and We’re.

we’re gonna do a compression test on it nice thing about this oldsmobile engine is look where the plugs are over top of the Headers. headers both sides they’re going To.

to be Super. super easy to get at and this is nice too there’s lots of room in here so looks it Has. has new plug wires on it don’t know what the plugs look obviously it’s a v6 v7 at this point so we’ll figure that out And. and we’ll do some checking This. this thing Actually