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the oem plus civic eg with the b16 swap links in the description uh don’t sleep boys we have a pretty exciting honda boy day so josh is just messing with our tps to get it perfect because matt moorman stole it when you did the itr swap completely understandable we did the hawk pads in this thing and It’s.

it’s almost ready for lime rock just Needs.

needs an alignment but today i’m sure the title and thumbnail gave it all away so why even  __  around we’re going to go look at a very special car and potentially purchase it And. and we’re going to leave jack behind come on let me come let me go all right boys so our new england motors and uh he sent me pictures but i guess i wasn’t prepared because this is honda boy heaven here i shouldn’t even say hana boy because that’s disrespecting them in my but this is honda boy heaven. but this is  __  honda boy heaven so nsx nsx some civics filmer in the shop a type r here and then the reason we came right Here. here so this is my honda boy dream car i got the itr it was one of those don’t meet your heroes situations and then once again i’m probably insulting these dudes because they love them but it was so bad how much Do.

do you hate stock Type. type r’s. i don’t Really.

really hate them but . they’re Bad