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Top 7 Audi A4 B8 Wallpaper Good Looking

when is something of a mysterious car because if you believe the fans the marketing hype and really any of the reviews of these when they were new this is a fabulous car but the flip side of that and an opinion d by many on the internet is that when these are used they’re crap and audi as a brand is just a fancy schmancy volkswagen that some people are willing to pay way too much money for they’re not our words that’s genuinely a quote we read when we’re doing The. the research on this but which is it is the a4 crap or is it Any. any good what goes wrong with them what do they cost to own and operate what do they to Live. live with on a daily basis and most importantly should you buy one let’s find out now before we get deep into the b8 a4 i should mention that in this we’re going to be focusing On. on the australian delivered variant Of. of the a4 but if You’re. you’re not from australia don’t freak out or panic because everything we’re going to be going over should relate to a4s in your local market Also. also we won’t be focusing on the s4 or the rs4 models in this because let’s face it those two cars deserve a All.

all of their own but the thing Is. is a lot of the features in those cars also feature in these more standard a4 so if You