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7 Photos Audi Quattro S1 Wallpaper

really is coolest car i’ve ever driven what’s up guys welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is martin and today in this beautiful southern german forest i’m taking a look at this. rally legend this is the audi sport quattro built by lce performance and they make this a modern interpretation without destroying the historical Values. values of the audi sport quattro it looks . the old car it’s Built. built the old car only with a bit more modern Technique.

technique and a lot more power now of course this is the group b car which walter rule drove back in the day this is an absolute rally legend i don’t have to explain you otherwise go search for audi sport quattro rally s And. and fall In.

in love with this boxy little audi now lc performance. maybe you know these guys we’ve done a Lot. lot of their cars lately they make the most awesome machines ever but this is the most awesomest of all this is what they are famous for building sport quattros and they are the only one in the world that can do that with certification so this is road legal you could put a License. license plate on it no problem it has been tough approved and it’s not just some garage build so if you want one of these they start at about 90k uh they can build it from 300 horsepower uh up to a 1 000 horsepower spec It