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Favorite 10 Good View Dodge Viper Wallpaper

the viper ask a viper acr a car made by dodge why its used value has gone up enough to match the price of a New. new lamborghini huracan and it will tell you to shut your commie mouth because there’s nothing polite about a front engined v10 weapon dipped in dive planes splitters and wings all in The. the name of creating crushing amounts of downforce to extract every possible morsel of performance from its special sticky tires in fact it’s happy to say to 29 miles per hour of its top speed all in the name of clawing back time in the Corners. corners this is the acr after all with the extreme aero package the viper has always been dangerous so let’s find out if the last v10 Viper. viper broke the mould and tamed the snake. we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so and hit the bell okay 8.4 liters. v10 weighs as much as i go for i can do this i can do this america i think america. okay so what have we got this engine 645 horsepower and even though it’s naturally aspirated because it has such huge displacement it’s actually putting out 600 pound feet of torque and even though it hits peak torque at 5000 rpm there I’ve. i’ve got torque down Low.

low wow the brakes Carbon. carbon ceramics As. as standard with the atr but i don’t think the engine is the highlight of this Car