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Best Vw Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

welcome to the vaults wizard now i’m a golf gti man through and through but i’ve always had a lot of respect for the polo gti because i a small fast car But. but so far none of the versions have really proved a challenge to the golf gti dynamically well that may all change now with the brand new polo gti which has just come to market in the uk so today i’m here at millbrook proving ground i don’t have an awful lot of time with the car this is not going to be A.

a very indepth review but i want To. to give you a quick tour of the polo gta and then take it for A. a drive on millbrook’s challenging Hill. hill course okay let’s start off then with some statistics if you want to buy A.

a polo gti it’ll cost you twenty seven thousand eight hundred and five pounds i remember when the old aw one came out about four years ago that was just over twenty thousand pounds that’s quite a price increase even allowing for inflation and the price increases affected the whole volkswagen range recently it’s pretty much the same car really You’ve. you’ve got seven electric horsepower more it’s 207 Ps.

ps but you’ve got the same force in the petrol turbo ea aaa engine naught to 62 Is. is in 6.5 seconds which i bet is just A. a few points of a second quicker than the old one dsg is the only choice There