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Favorite 10 M5 Cs Wallpaper Good Looking

of the m5 competition as being a white bavarian sausage it’s a little bit however this is the white bavarian sausage when served with that fruity mustard the whole experience is just more enjoyable and in this i’m going to tell you why it is and what exactly Is.

is the fruity bit of mustard that bmw has added to this m5 here now to do that i’m going to show you around the exterior the interior and take it for A. a drive and launch it to see how quick it is from naught to 60 miles an hour and i’m Going.

going to drive it a complete idiot as well now if you enjoy these kind of s please make Sure. sure You. you to this And. and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on That. that way you won’t miss a single anyhow i’m At. at watson you’re watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car At. at a fair price car wow your onestop car buying comparison site let’s start this by talking about the design of gracie get over the normal m5 Competition. competition key one is this Look. look carbon fiber bonnet wow and then there’s This. this different kind of trim here so bmw call this gold then that gold to Me. me bit silvery grey yellowy anyhow you also get bmw’s top of the range laser lights standard which have A