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Up To The Skyline, the Z, the Silvia, those are some of the most There is no way that these legends could get any better, right? Wrong!. Wrong! Because Inside. inside Nissan is a humble little tuning company dead set on building the This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on NISMO. (eight bit ) It’s 1984. Guys on Wall Street are Listening.

listening to Jump by Van Halen, doing lines of cocaine and then seeing Beverly Hills Cop. Narrator Meanwhile. Over in Japan, Nissan wants to consolidate it’s two motor sport divisions into unit. There was the responsible for supporting private teams, and Nissan’s which dealt with the factory teams. It didn’t make no sense to split them up that. They had to come together. Fusion Ha! This melded combination of the two factories would be given a new name, or NISMO for Short.. short. The man Nissan chose to Lead.

lead this new division was a dude by the name of (man clears throat) Yes?. Yes? Why him? Well, back in he piloted a Datsun 210 rally car on around the perimeter of the scariest nation on Earth. No, I’m talking about Yo, where them kangaroos at? This was Datsun’s first Ever. ever motor sport event and their cars came in shocking everyone. Fastforward to 1985 and NISMO is winning pretty much right out of the gate. Their is winning endurance events in Japan while NISMO’s rally program is tearing it up all over Asia,