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new adapter duster but you probably didn’t realize that because it looks the same as the old dasher duster but look hey don’t worry valued viewers because i’m going to run you through all of the things engines running cost practicality comfort and what this thing is to drive oh but indulge me please and okay let’s get this show on the road now some of you may remember the dach’s headline figures when the company first started bringing cars to the uk the sandero its ford fiesta rivalling small hatchback was just 5995. the duster albeit with quite a few less toys than the one we have here eight nine nine five thatcher still represents great value above all else but those days Of. of 10 grand family cars are long gone The. the cheapest duster you Can. can buy today a shade under 15 grand i mean come on what does that even mean i mean the original dacha duster didn’t even come with a Radio. radio but now i mean the essential model even comes with air con and electric front windows then you step up to this comfort model wow extra 15 pound a month more and you’ve got yourself a proper do it all family suv i mean styling wise yes the old duster doesn’t look that different to This. this New. new one but apparently every panel is new you’ve got different lights front and rear and a different grille oh And. and that extra 15 pound A. a month includes alloy wheels right straight up it doesn’t look all that different In. in here either but the thing Is. is if you’re hopping in Here. here from the old duster into the new one there are some very subtle but yet very important changes this central Screen. screen because in The.

the previous one it looked .

the previous owner had It. it fitted at halfords but Now. now look fancy integrated apple carplay android auto very nice you’ve also got duster written down here which i think is quite nice you still have the piano keys for the shortcuts which is lovely and uh physical twisted your dials prosby big fan of that again it’s not cutting edge functional that’s what the duster is all about being functional but speaking of cutting edge well lack thereof the dashboard hasn’t really changed much i mean dials you’ve still got the analog ones which are fine they’re nice and easy to read but they’re hardly the last word in modern technology this steering wheel hasn’t changed either which again i’m not going to moan about this because even on the basic models you’ve still got controls for volume and Controls.

controls for the trip computer as well these air vents they feel a little bit flimsy but again cheap And. and cheerful rather than particularly premium you just get what you pay for but the thing is is what they’re lacking in luxury i think they make up for in practical touches so you’ve got some Decent