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Top 8 Mercedes 300sl Wallpaper

have and ladies and gentlemen Nico Rosberg all right here we go the. reveal I don’t want you to really comment about lights being On. on that important still today is just such a beautiful cars unbelievable 70 years later and classic cars has really been such a big passion of mine in the last couple Of. of years And. and therefore today exclusively for you guys here on YouTube I want to take you along for ride and really try and show you where the emotions at such a classic car Can. can bring out those really very very special except you give me the camera I’d take you along into starting this thing up very carefully oh Because. because the leather. the leather is original from 1955 as the. day it was sold so it’s really used quite complicated to start this thing so first of all switch on the electricity bang You. you check that I’m in neutral heat pump has To.

to go on eat pump bang then the chalk has to go on chalk on that side you gotta let the heat pump run a Little.

little bit and then push the key in and beauty. beauty after such a Long. long time in law drive not running heat pump off choke off unbelievable Mercedes quality even. back in the day months and months of not driving and straight on awesome absolutely awesome at the sound unbelievable proper oldschool so now I need to let it run a little bit before before Taking