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9 Photos Agera Wallpaper Good Looking

quite simply of the most breathtakingly insane cars ever manufactured in the entire history of the sports car it costs around 2.9 million dollars when it was new the current market value is somewhere around 10 million dollars it has 1,400 horsepower and there are only 25 Agera RS Models. models in the world and only around 8 in the United States today you’ve asked for it so I’m going To. to review this car I’ve borrowed this car. From.

from a viewer here in the Los Angeles area who is on Instagram as white tests you can Follow. follow him there and check out his amazing car collection and you can also check out his sons YouTube white tests jr. which I’ve linked below in the description you can and follow along for more updates on the Koenigsegg and other crazy exotic cars now he invited me to come up to Los Angeles and check out his Koenigsegg and when you get an invitation to check out a Koenigsegg you do not say no you do not think about it you come instantly and so I Did. did so here’s an overview Koenigsegg was founded in the 1990s in Sweden by Christian von Koenigsegg and Their. their first car was called the CC 8 and it came out in the early 2000s they followed that up with the CC X and the CCR Those.

those models finally went out of production in 2010 And. and they followed it up with the Agera which had A