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this lettering I’m just really replacing it because I noticed this one is extremely loose it’s just ready to come off and so you can see it’s just you know that’s How. how easy it’s gonna come off somewhere we’re doing that today how you can take these other ones off you know they’re not already loose this these guys are and this is again why I’m replacing This. this is only two years old is you can use either fishing line or some floss and you can peel it off that or you can use just a little piece of plastic look how easy that is see this is why it needs to be replaced something happened on this particular one where they’re just coming Right. right off and then how you get this extra residue off I’ve used wd40 And.

and just spray it on there and then wipe it off but there’s also a little tool you could buy it’ll rub it off as well you put it on your drill And. and it kind of removes that excess so we’re. gonna go ahead and remove the rest of these see if I can take them all off just with my hand which it looks I’m gonna be able to do and then we’ll go ahead and clean it up and then put the new one that I already have on Right. right here Ranger over so this is just the same kind of replacement there we’re gonna Go