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Best Ferrari F355 Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

Ferrari made almost I’ll get to the almost part in a. couple of minutes but for now let me tell you what makes this thing so great I. I borrowed this f355 from the legend Car. car company in the New York area which has an incredible inventory of awesome cars and they offered me a lot Of. of choices to film a with and I chose this 355 because it is the perfect example of its kind here’s What. what I mean the 355 was sold from 1995 to 1999 and it was offered in three body styles there was the convertible spider Which. which I never d because it lost the cars lines with the top down and especially with the top up there was Also.

also a Targa model the GTS which was an odd Inbetween.

inbetween Compromise. compromise between a convertible and A. a coupe and then there was this the f355 Berlinetta the coupe version which I believe is the most beautiful regular production Road car Ferrari has ever built just look At. at this thing there’s no bad line on this car no awkward angle it came at a time when Ferrari. Ferrari was trying to leave behind the now dated wedge shape of the 1980s and before they went with the rounder less aggressive look of the 2000s for a brief few years right in the middle there they got things just perfect this one has the perfect colors to read over tan or as They. they say In. in the Ferrari community resale Red