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Best 9 Wrx Wallpaper Good Looking

i’m driving allnew 2022 subaru wrx sport sedan. this vehicle is heavily changed for the 2022 model year so we are going to dive right into it we’re going to start up front Where. where the wrx retains its rather aggressive front end that is inspired by the impreza but this is a separate model and continues to be a separate model compared to the impreza we do have much sportier touches than an impreza though including this massive hood scoop that is Functional.

functional that feeds the turbocharged boxer fourcylinder engine that we’ll talk about a little bit more out on the road i these sharp headlights they are quite nice We’ve. we’ve got the xenon Portion. portion up there and Then.

then we have the led portion on the outside which is quite cool we also have Fog.

fog lights because we have a higher trim limited model now you’ll notice that This. this uh area down here on the rear diffuser portion is all this plastic kind of what you would get on an suv and we’re gonna see a whole lot more of that as we move towards the side so because We. we have the limited we’ve got these nice Uh. uh grayish black 18 inch wheels 17 inch wheels are What. what you’re going to get on the base wrx and around that you’re going To.

to see this rather funky kind of oddly shaped plastic Cladding. cladding again an suv we’ve got some holes for cooling here as well and it Kind. kind of gives this new wrx almost an suv vibe it’s not really lifted an suv i think it would have been cooler if subaru may have gone full crosstrek on the wrx and made it very tall with a really nice ride height so that you could take it rallying and stuff that but they kind of went for that rally look with these painted fenders so if you were gonna take this on soft sand or gravel you wouldn’t worry about scuffing your paint this is a highly highly controversial styling element so if you aren’t a big fan of the plastic Cladding. cladding you might want to get your wrx in black just this model that subaru sent me because i think It. it hides it very well you almost can’t even tell the cladding is there When.

when it’s finished in black they actually Debuted.

debuted this car in this bright orange which made the cladding very apparent so i’m glad subaru was able To. to send me a black one so Now. now you can kind of see the contrast Of.

of that I. i think it looks a lot more subtle in black if you are the type of person who does not the cladding here at the back you’ll see there is a lot of Cladding. cladding uh where the exhaust is this whole piece of The. the bumper is this kind of uh honeycomb plastic here as well but again Hides. hides it better because of the black although i do love the shape of this rear diffuser it’s very aggressive and i’d .

that we have the quad exhaust tips those are quite nice as well here we’ve got our Wrx. wrx badge subaru symmetrical allwheel drive as all wrxs are and we do have this subtle spoiler here in the trunk i’m gonna go ahead and open up the trunk while we are doing this walk around to show it to you i wish subaru still offered the wrx as a hatchback they have not Now. now for the past two generations because the opening of this trunk is not that big if you have big boxes and stuff that and the storage space in here is not that massive either it’s about 12.5 cubic feet of space which is there are other compact sedans that have more the one thing i will say though is i’m happy That. that subaru at least covered these hinges so they don’t crush whatever is in there but this area does intrude into your overall trunk space and i’ll also talk about the rear seats this is a fourdoor sedan after all You.

you might want to use it practically to haul around your kids because we have the limited we have these suede seats with black gray and red stitching you can fold these seats very easily here into the trunk if you need to haul something larger although i said The