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Favorite 13 Good View Ford Focus Wallpaper

those filters you get on instagram stories let me explain it’s because you can have different looks depending on which version of the car you go for so this is the sporty st line version so it’s a bit your bunnies then you can get a different look if you have the posh vineyard it’s more your cat ears whereas the active version which is jacked up it has a different look again which is the mysterious french and then finally your normal one it’s Just.

just a good oldfashioned dog ears this is not a douglas car though it’s quite a smart looking thing really the look of this new ford focus price wise well it actually starts from just over eighteen thousand pounds however you can save an average of over two grand on one through car wow now if you want to see how much you Can. can Save. save on this car or any car just click on the pop out band in the top right hand corner of the screen or on the link below the to get a car wow or Simply. simply just google car wow and you can Go. go straight there one of the main ways this new ford focus is better than the Old. old one is that it is quite a bit more practical than before that’s why i’m starting this review at the boot the most exciting part of Any. any car not but i do need To