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10 Photos Mercedes Benz Amg Wallpaper

drive steady in this i’m reviewing the mercedesbenz amg g63 so listen up the g63 is one of. the most popular cars out there but now given the new car market and how scarce they are the g63 has become an even hotter commodity with certain dealerships charging as much as two times its sticker price but putting that Aside.

aside for a moment i’ve been wanting To. to drive one of these things for The. the longest time so let’s see what it’s all about in this review of the mercedesbenz amg g63. . let’s put in sport plus i’m just gonna hammer it the wood just jumps up oh wow . all right so let’s start the review off by talking about the exterior design and mercedes gave the gclass a refresh recently but when you look at it it still looks a gclass and in my opinion that is perfect that’s the way it’s supposed to be because you see the gclass with its militaryinspired boxy design delivers on an experience that no other car can there’s nothing else Out.

out there that looks a gclass and can also offer the luxury and prestige of a mercedesbenz alright so speaking of The. the design let’s get into a little bit more detail starting off with this color this is a g manufacturer color it’s called arabian gray it’s very unique from what I. i understand and it looks really nice on this gclass i mean Look