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Favorite 9 Pictures G Class Wallpaper

Hi and this is my new g-class, ma’am, after my wegen. Also, yesterday I thought it would be fun to retake the Wagon. So I’ve finally decided to take the gelandewagen or Mercedes-Benz g-class. A remote mic icon for before. It’s been a long time, I wanted to dim, and now I finally got to have this g-class. Repent of my situation or my previous video that was nuanced with Entis next, here I will explain what type or what type of car is this. Hi, so this is a Mercedes Benz 280 year 91. Well, maybe some of you already know that as a Masterpiece Benz g-class in Indonesia, it comes around 84. Well, 20g is there we know 84 to real cash 11192, which is the last generation of 280. what’s in Indonesia, what makes it interesting is that there are two 80g classic editions which some sources say in Indonesia only have around 20-30 units, my friends. There are some differences between the Edition and the other 20g, and I’ll explain them one by one.

Because it turns out pretty good friends the difference. Hi, those two 80gx classic editions It came out from 91 to 93. I think it was the last 93, friends. What’s the difference with the other 20g. First, the colour of this classic Edition Logie lamp only came out. In this blue-black colour, it’s old, my friend. Besides that, the interior also has wood panels, and one of the most significant differences is that the seats have been Recaro. One of the other differences between Crackle Edition and the previous 23 is also the spender. In this tender, many people say that they have used the J300 model Fender or later because of its slimmer shape than the Fender 20g. which was previously as crucial as it could be. This is the Long wheelbase type because there is also a Scorpio base version in Indonesia that was sold in 85.

Hi, but the 18 is being sold again, and it costs about 2-3 times the will base. This is friends. So this is moving 45 with a luggage capacity of the population, the passenger capacity of the time. This can roughly sneeze if you have three friends in front in the middle, and at the very back, there is also a seat in the PAN. Side like Bangkok and damage see this car is boxy it will not. After all, this is the hallmark of the g-plus, yes, this is what a classic boxy is needed, but that is not going to be timeless. The design, before we see the interior, here I am. Answer your questions that you have written on my Instagram or Resort. First, from the tax, bro. Thank you for this 20g tax, so you can say it’s enough it’s cheap to get married with a car now because you are rich around millions of rupiah friends, wasteful or not, for a 2805 billion engine that is 15 to 16 km 1 litre for five or six kilometres from a comparison of plot or 2009 the new 4700n is just that wasteful. This only 2800 is not a human being said to be extravagant when asked about the price of a g-class like this. Friends, because the market is probably 67 million, it all depends on the conditions.