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Favorite 14 Good View Kia K5 Wallpaper

we’re back one of my favorite parking lot locations because guess what we have that midsize sedan from kia that really is blowing everybody out of the water this is it this is a 2022 kia k5 but before we get into our ex. trim midsize sedan let’s talk About. about what’s going on here we’ve already told you what key is doing they really are turning the auto industry upside down on its head with bringing a lot of excitement not only in sedans but also of course in suvs now this vehicle here. name wise replaces the optima the optima is no longer a vehicle in their lineup but to take that midsize sedan space we have the k5 now the nice thing about losing the optima name and gaining the k5 name is that this vehicle aligns itself with what other places around the world refer to It.

it as the k5 and of course kia is going to continue into the future by coming out with different sedans and guess what letter their names are going to Start. start with k so you’re going to have k5 k8 so on and so forth now this vehicle being a Midsize. midsize has some tough competition one of those Competitors. competitors dropped Out. out the mazda6 no longer around and now maz is saying that it may not ever come back but there’s still Plenty.

plenty of other players in this category you got The.

the the toyota camry which is one of The. the best Selling