2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport Off Road Parts

one on the passenger side diff an identical part is over here on the driver’s side so these bolts on this vehicle are pretty rusted If. if you plan on doing both control arms or even just one please examine before you take it apart make sure the bolt doesn’t look It’s. it’s because if it’s going to break i would preorder them from the dealer you want the factory bolts on this for the Proper. proper grade you don’t just throw Any. any bolt on suspension due to if it’s a great eight bolt which is a high steel bolt takes a lot of abuse and it won’t shear off so don’t just throw any bolt in there so right now i’ve got a 15 millimeter socket and let’s see if we can break this free. because the factory uses a tin nut to lock it in i’m going to use a pair of locking pliers So. so that i can hopefully stop it from spinning. so on the inside of the fender well you’ll see a oval cut out and that is the head of The.

the bolt that goes through This. this upper arm 9 16 socket on The. the fender well side Going. going through that cutout and a 9 16 Wrench. wrench on this side. so the bolt has a key way on the other side inside the frame so we have to try to tap it out push it out. well i better play the lottery tonight so in order To.

to get This. this bolt out and that bolt out i noticed there was pressure on the differential pushing forward so i just used a pole jack jacked it up a little bit and straightened that bolt out in that bushing i still need to lock pliers to pry and Wheel. wheel it out So. so if you have a jack with the jack stand At. at home you can just lift that differential take some pressure off that bolt okay there it is so now I’m. i’m going to put the back in first line that up i put a pair of lock pliers on this head of This. this bolt so that i could guide it in easier i’m just going to start it by hand and then i’m going to put that front bolt in before i do any tightening okay so you might need A.. a. punch or something to try to start this to line it up with the bushing once you get it started you can always tap it in on the hammer You. you want this clip to be on the bottom part so that it won’t spin around okay let’s tighten it up. that key way will stop that bolt from spinning so you should be able to bottom the nut out before you torque it torque specs for the side on the differential is 55 footpounds torque on the side that attaches to the frame is 66 footpounds so any frontend repair always get an alignment that’s why if you Think