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Favorite Gr Yaris Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

and the face of it the gr looks it ticks all of the hot hatch boxes it makes around 250 horsepower which is proper hot hatch power it does knock the 16 around five seconds and tops out at 140 miles an hour which is proper hop hatch pace it’s all very much as it Should.

should be until that is you hear about the price. Because. because this toyota yaris costs over 33 000 pounds 33 grand protoyaris now That. that is a tough sell after all the yaris Badge.

badge does conjure up certain lifestyle and not an especially sporty one i’m talking Saga. saga Cruises. cruises stanley stairlifts tottenham rugs in short 33 grand for a soupedup oap mobile does sound a big ask especially when you consider the competition because for 14 000 pounds less than the gr you could have one of those the fiesta st same size as the yaris utterly brilliant to drive or for a couple Of. of grand less could have. one of these civic types whole lot more power what a wonderful thing looks It. it eats kittens for Breakfast.

breakfast and for pretty much the same money you could have one of these the mercedes amg a35 faster more powerful and with a badge that doesn’t scream zimmerframe but here’s the thing you can’t compare the yaris to regular hot hatches because it’s not a regular hot hatch allow me To.

to explain these are some of the greatest legends of the world Rally. rally championship Where. where to be eligible to compete cars have always had to be closely based on a road car you can actually buy so for the best chance of winning you’d really want to build A. a road car that’s being specially designed to go racing but That. that would be very expensive and as a result it almost never happens. but just occasionally a car maker decides that yes it will build a completely new very fast road car as the perfect base for its next Rally. rally car these are called Homologation. homologation specials and they are some of the best cars ever Made. made the audi sport quattro shortened to make that monster there with the big wings lancia delta into garlic is that the greatest homologation road Car. car ever made to create the thing that you har kang can have won those championships in and this might be my favorite The. the evo six mitsubishi that tommy mackinnon dominated the sport in and then every boy races Dream. dream the ford escort Rs.

rs cosworth and what a rally car that created Make. make no mistake this is distinguished company and toyota has now given its most unly of cars the same Treatment.. treatment. the gr yaris is no hot Hatch. hatch this is a genuine Rally.

rally car for the road the engine’s only a threecylinder turbo petrol but it’s the most powerful one in The.

the world right now and it’s crowned full of motorsport technology but it’s strong Applause and then there’s the brakes The