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Top 7 Nice Pictures Wallpaper Civic Fd

up to favorite Hill Climb we are not sure if the road is open but let’s go have a look yeah and we are in. 2010 Honda FD 2.0 with a 5speed auto box paddle shifters that’s a very important part and hundred fifty five horsepower 188 Newton meters of torque. now interestingly this car Has. has got. my first stress in the front And. and double. wishbones at the back sounds familiar right well as far back as 206 when this car first came Out. out it already had this kind of setup and This.

this guy handles very. well of course at that time I think in the in his infancy there were some issues some owners were complaining that the suspension was a bit on the Soft.

soft side and I remember testing this guy and I did find it a bit on the soft side but perhaps it’s because I Wasn’t. wasn’t used to double wishbones and in fact because after testing the new car the new cars with that camera setup I also find That.

that the fact tends to sit down a bit with you the corners but anyway The. the owner has put in full call overs and upgraded the brakes a bit I thought they’d add a car is more or less stock and the reason why we’re driving this guy is because he is one of my s and he asked me a bit of advice about wheel alignment and so I gave him the magic numbers and He