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Best Corvette C3 Wallpaper With 6 Pictures

car in last week’s exciting installment we were in a 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and although I enjoyed the experience today’s car is something that is much more to my taste for we are driving a c3 Corvette now I’m gonna lay my cards on the table with this one and I’m gonna say I think this is One. one of the most beautiful cars to ever come out of America it is incredibly different compared with The. the Mustang this thing is tiny inside really really tiny the dimensions feel far more classic European than They. they do classic American you are really cramped in this small little cockpit and all you Can. can see is that massive great big long bonnet this is real Classic. classic sports car proportions here huge bonnet cab very far back little flick at the rear Beautiful. beautiful real work of art and it’s amazing that this Car. car came only a couple of years before the c4 which i think is one of the most ugly sports cars ever made now in Truth. truth this car owes as much to the 60s as it does the 1980s because the c3 is a car which had an awfully long life it began at the tail end of the decade of peace and love and finished just as greed was becoming good this is one of the very last and 1981 and it’s powered By. by a 5.7 liter Chevrolet engine putting out a hundred and ninety horsepower yep You. you Heard.

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