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Favorite 8 Photos Toyota Supra Mk4 Wallpaper

Is this Toyota supra a bit of a turd? No, I don’t mean one of those kinds of turds I meant to de trd. Toyota racing development is one of only 35 mark iv supra trends ever made in the world. It’s very exclusive. It’s costly, and that’s why today. I’m going to hoon it around like a complete. I’m going to launch it to see how quick. It is from north to 60 miles an hour, and over the standing quarter-mile, I’m going to break test it. I’m going to see how loud it is. I’m also going to talk you through. Just how much power this car has because obviously. It’s not standard. I’m also going to talk. You through the upgrades that the normal. Ted has over the traditional supra as well. As explaining some of the extras that. The owner has put on this rather expensive car anyway. I’m Matt Watson. And you’re watching the car, wow buying a new car then head to car wow and my team. It will help you find your next vehicle at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying. Comparison site, let’s start with a bit of history.

About this car so back in 1994, Toyota was competing in the Japanese. Touring car championships with a supra and they decided to do a road-going. Version so they took a lot of the body panels that were honed in the wind tunnel. Off that racing, supra fitted it to 35 road going supras to create this wide-body look, so it was a factory-built car, and it was called the trd 3000 gt. Only 35 made only 16 still around today, only two in the UK of which. This is one of the number 29 overall. It’s owned by a chap called. Billy Akhtar, and if you want to find out more about this car, you can check out his Instagram. Supra 29 trd prices for one of these depends on what someone’s willing. To pay it will quickly start from over seventy thousand pounds because mark4 super. Has fetched so much money these days what he would rise to who knows. Let’s talk about the design changes to this car. The third version of the supra got a big rear wing. There’s two. Designs this one and one with a third leg got some red badging and a redesigned rear bumper which is a bit more aggressive. The owner, Billy, has had his touches, such as some led tower lights.

This diffuser and a formula one-star rain light and the most obvious thing which is now. Pretty much on everybody’s mark iv supra, it’s a vast exhaust this. One’s a granny system. It’s titanium, and I need to test it, so I’m sorry about that. This bill we’re on the car while it’s mandatory. It’s a good truth about logger truth. That goes in there so quickly feels good that’s enough for some of the most significant changes to the trd super here at the side. It’s got widened wheel arches at the front, and at the back, it gives you a 50 millimetre wider track at the front 60 mils at the back, which allowed Toyotas to fit some. Though videos upgraded these wheels, bigger wheels with larger, wider tires for more grip, these are volks racing the 37 spins, which are very popular in the tuner world. Another feature that you got with the trd were some vents. Here to cooling and duct to aid cooling to the rear def once again, billy has added his touches to it. Carbon fibre side skirts here these smaller door mirrors. I think that’s it well, obviously the colour scheme. Suppose you’re not a tote or Toyota mark or supra fan. Boy, you may believe that billiards have done quite a lot of work to this car’s front, but actually, this is how it came from the factory it got this ultimately.