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of on the menu. we are going to try to close this particularly long chapter of this rescue and the following paragraph will already show you how we finally solved the problem of corrosion of the windshield bay brought to light the last time. . Remember…it wasn’t a pretty sight. this type of problem is one of those that i dreaded the most. already having to remove a windshield is something that i avoid as much as possible but afterwards, having to go and make . Cutsand welds in . Cornersas important as those of the bay of this . Glazingwas a risky challenge. fortunately, i was very lucky since a certain rémi , comanager of a local renault garage, offered to help me. it ended up taking the form of a weekandahalf internship with a great focus on learning! during this you will therefore be able to this very enriching moment with me. so let’s get to the heart of the matter. we will properly cut out the irrecoverable section of sheet metal which will be replaced by sound metal. after stripping it, i can see the locations of the spot welds .

Thati can grind down. before cutting this section of the jamb, i will . Alreadytake a piece of sheet metal from a door . Andi . Willattach it to the jamb to cut the two together. at least that way, we’ll be sure that the size and shape . that we have our piece of sheet metal ready to be . Formed,rémi can show me exactly where to cut it. but it still holds well… there remains a strangely placed and almost invisible welding point that i had not ground. excuse me, excuse me, you wanted to film! no it’s good i got it! all this to recover the chewing gum left there ten years ago. afterwards, things are immediately better… after a little demo of a stripping tool that i have never used until now, rémi also gives me a demonstration on the best way to start a barbecue and incidentally i take for the first time in hand gas welding. we’re soldering and it goes wrong clearly, the points are much cleaner than the coated solder wire i’ve used so .

Far.nevertheless, one thing .

Doesnot change: if you want to avoid .

Deformations,you have to distribute the points to distribute the heat as evenly as possible. after validation of the work by my internship supervisor, i can grind everything and redo some incomplete welds. and no, this episode of welding won’t get the better of my objective this time… . Finishingthe welds in the nooks and crannies is really .