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Top M5 Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

i’m in a bmw m8 competition grand coupe and next to me is a bmw m5 cs and next to that is the bmw m5 competition we’re gonna have a drag race to see what is the difference between these cars in terms of their performance because they . Are. Verysimilar but have some key differences so they all have 4.4 liter twin turbo v8s now in this m8 and the normal m5 competition they put out 625 horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque however in the m5 cs the power output is up to 635 horsepower they’ve still got the same 750 newton meters of torque they also have the same fourwheel drive system eightspeed automatic gearboxes . Withtorque converters and launch control they all have the ability to decouple the front axle so you can put them in rearwheel drive mode and they’re all extremely quick and expensive though there are some price differences so the normal m5 .

Competitioncosts 104 000 pounds this m8 grand coupe competition .

Thingyit costs 124 000 pounds but that m5 cs it’s a lot more expensive it’s 140 000 pounds. now .

Forthat you do . Getsome lightweight parts you see that car weighs in at just over 1.8 tons whereas the normal m5 competition weighs just under 1.9 tons and this is the heavy one this weighs just under two tons now . Thisparticular car has been lent to me by a viewer and if you want to lend us your car to have them featured in a drag race simply email us at review my car at . Carwiredot co dot uk okay so do that there’s a link in the description .

Belowyou can do that and this particular and let’s have a look around his car he’s very much into his m stuff he’s got an m cap in here it’s got m performance things here i have to work things on the seat belts and there’s also a very big wing on the back which . Ithink will actually slow the car down because it’ll create drag anyhow let’s see what else is going here googly eyes stick on eyes now the owner of this has also told me that he paid his bmw dealer an extra two thousand pounds for the m performance pack .

Whichbasically increases the top speed to 190 . Milesan hour though he’s never been able to vouch that because he’s never even been up to . 155miles an hour let alone 190. now the m5 cs has that fitted as standard but .

Thatm5 comp over there .

Doesn’thave it but it’ll be interesting to see what . Happens. Inthe rolling race if this really is fitted with that system or not now before we race please make sure you to this and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you . Won’tmiss a single also if you’re thinking about selling your car you can now do it through carway okay all you have to do is . Clickon the . Popout button banner there for the link in the description or simply google help me car wow after this and you can go to our website you’ll be able to photos of your car put in the registration dead quick and simple to do and our dealers will bid on your car and you’ll get a great price for it and you can choose which dealer you sell to and they’ll come pick it up take it away and .

Giveyou the cash no messing around so make sure you check that out .

Anywaylet’s get on with the race but before we do just want to . Sayhi to a guest driver hey how are you yanny hi matt i was actually looking at you when you were doing your piece of the camera and i . Couldsee you holding .

Uphats and things that is the owner of that a real bmw fanboy exactly he’s a real bmw fanboy how about you do you bmws when i was younger i had loads of bmw z3036 . M3schnitzer’s so yes back in the day i’m not such a fan anymore however the one i’m sitting in is very very special so you think you’re gonna win in that special car .

Ithink it’ll be close probably between you and me let’s do it buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your onestop car buying comparison site now before we race obviously we’re going to do the customer car wire sound check so i’m going to start by revving up this m8. i reckon these cars will sound very similar there’s my car go on rev it yourself four and a half thousand max and let’s have the m5 competition. yes we’ve all got soft limiters though mine seems to be at 5000 rpm rather than four and a half the extra half makes all the difference mate yeah absolutely right . Yeahi don’t know what he’s talking about oh do you know what you’ve got to do now before we write should we warm up our .

Tyresand shall i go first ladies first. classic sorry .