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they’re also largest carmaker which offers you automatic gearbox and they’ve sold the maximum from emts in the last a couple of years they’ve sold for one lakh units now and we are going to take a look at the facilities in google as well as money so today talk to the management and figure out why they are the country’s largest car manufacturer the. manager facility was inaugurated way back in february 2007 and in spread over 600 acres .

Ofland initially the original capacity was for only one lakh units but was increased . To3 lakh .

Unitsby october 2008 the production capacity was further. increased to two and a half . Lakhunits and then finally increase to the current capacity of well . Over8 lakh units the of facility makes the modern generation of maruti cars including the swift we see as the baleno as well as the celerio and it also houses a lot of its component makers which means that the .

Companysaves a lot of time as well as costs the facility is also used to manufacture the emt or the automated manual transmission on .

Maruticars this emv technology is used on the wagon are the shrimp desire the altercation as well as the celerio and is a popular choice amongst new car buyers maruti claims that the aalto has about 10% sales for the automatic while the celerio has a 50/50 ratio which means that the amt gave of . Technologywhich was pioneered in india by maruti has really caught on the buyers imagination and maruti has already sold .

Wellover 1 lakh cars with the amt gearbox on them the other maruti plant which is the . Olderplant based in bergen is also a huge one with 4 300 acres of land maruti. is not only the leader when it comes to cars in india it is also the export leader and .

Hasalready exported well over 1 million units to . Over125 countries across the globe in .

Factone. maruti car rolls out every 6 seconds from these facilities . Basedout foreigner well one day isn’t really enough to figure out these huge facilities but at the . Endof the day you will realize why maruti is the leader when it comes to customer . Satisfactionafter all it has won the jd power customer satisfaction index for the last 16 years and .

Thissimply goes to show you the amount of commitment that the company has not only for india but for car buyers all across the globe . You