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up, ’cause it’s a doozy. does making a car faster make it better? (engine roaring) ever since these cars debuted in 2012, fans and haters a have been askin’ one thing: when is it gonna get more power, baby? (engine screaming) (engine roaring) today we’re gonna look at the 86. we’re gonna see how this seemingly conventional sports car is actually one of the most unique rides of the . Last30 years, and finally answer the ageold roman question: does .

Makinga .

Fastercar mean making a better car? .

Tuneup, babies! this is everything you know to get up to speed on the toyota 86/subaru brz/scion frs. rest in peace, baby. say . Hito tupac for me. (energetic 16bit ) before we get into it, i wanna give a big ol’ toottootin’ thanks to keeps for sponsoring this episode of up to speed. two out of three guys are gonna experience male pattern baldness by the time that they’re 35, but the . Goodnews is that keeps can help you keeps the hair that you already got. prevention is key, and keeps’ treatments can take up to four to six .

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Losin’your hair, guys, hit ’em up. (beep) chapter one, why they built it. so for clarity’s sake, let’s go .

Aheadand address the big ol’ fat elephant in the room: names. toyota, subaru, and the late scion all produced versions of this car: . Thegt86, the brz, . Andfrs respectively. all versions had little small differences betwixt them. to make things easier, i’m just gonna refer to . Itas the 86, unless for some reason i need to be specific. got it? great, let’s get into it. toyota was at their sportiest between the mid ’80s and . Mid’90s. while the corolla gts went away in ’87, the celica, the supra, and the mr2 kept the dream alive for the brand. they were known as the toyota triplets. . Toyotafan or not, you can’t deny that they . Madesome .

Reallyfun cars, but by the mid 2000s, things were a little bit different. (engine . Revving)toyota wasn’t known for their simple sports cars anymore. their brand image was now tied to cars the rav4, the camry, the prius, and while these are great cars in their own right, they’re all very important, they were great for reasons that weren’t very exciting. reasons reliability, which . Asi get older, does legitimately become more exciting. look, guys: (heavenly harp ) you’re .

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Peoplein your life that at first blow your socks off. they might be hot. they might wear cool clothes, but if they flake on you all the time and you can’t be sure if they really wanna hang out, then they might not be the one for . You,and that’s okay, because you deserve a car that starts every time, a camry, or a prius. that being said, toyota wanted to be hot. it was time for toyota to go back to school in swerve city. in 2007, toyota showed off a concept they hoped would get them back on the right track. it was called the fths concept. it . Wasa front engine, rearwheel drive car powered by a hybrid v6 powertrain, and it kinda looks the gt86 that we know today, but honestly, not really. the bones were there, though. and then, in 2008, toyota bought a $311 million stake in fuji heavy industries. fuji was the parent company of one of toyota’s .

Competitors:subaru. they were now friends with subaru, and friends work together. .

Nowat first it .

Wasreported that subaru and toyota were gonna develop an . Suv,but remember, toyota wanted to be hot, and suvs are not hot. subaru pitched a bunch of collab ideas to toyota, and one of them was a . Sportscar, and toyota agreed, with one stipulation. it had to be .

Rearwheeldrive. the man toyota chose to lead the project was a 20year veteran of the company named tetsuya tada. now, he had dreamed of building a sports car since he first arrived at toyota, but had since spent his time as a chassis engineer on a lot of their . Lesshot products. but when tetsuya’s boss, toyota vp akio toyoda called him into his office, mr. toyoda laid out . Hisvision. “tetsuya, i want you to give me a sports car. “one with no limits. “you can do whatever . Youwant.” and the first thing he did was call up his friend and chassis engineer yoshinori sasaki. “dude, you are never gonna believe “what the boss wants me to do, man.” “scratch his back?” “what?” “mow his lawn?” “dude, no. “he wants me to design a freakin’ sports car, dude!” “what?” “and i want you to” “give you a . Kiss?””no, dude, i want you to help . Me.””really? “aw, thanks man. “that means a lot to me.” this . Washis chance to .

Makethat dream . Cometo fruition. .

Oneof the members on tetsuya and yoshi’s team was a younger dude who apparently had owned at least five ae86s. now knowing these things, . Itshould be no surprise at all that the sports . Carthey would design would be small, light, and as simple as possible. for a second, it looked the project wouldn’t even happen at . All.when tetsuya pitched an ae86 successor to the big bosses up in toyota land, they asked him, and i quote, “how does it measure up to the competition? “is it faster? “is it more powerful? “what can we .

Useto sell it?” and tetsuya just said, literally this is what he said, this is a quote: (crickets chirping) nothing. nothing! the dude was gonna build a car whose only selling point was that it was fun to . Drive.his team didn’t even have . Anyconcrete goals for the project. usually when manufacturers make a car, they set lap time or acceleration benchmarks, but no, they didn’t even do that. the new car would just be really good, and as .

Aresult, toyota sat on the . Projectfor . Sixmonths, but after some of the bosses drove a prototype that the team had built, apparently it blew their freakin’ minds off, and they allowed the project to continue. that’s bold. chapter two: how they built it. the team looked through toyota’s family . Treefor inspiration. even though the midengine layout of the old mr2 was the most sports car of toyota’s lineage, because most supercars are midengine, they just are, the team preferred a simpler layout of front engine, rearwheel drive. in the end, though, it was toyota’s secondever sportster, the sports 800, that would lay the groundwork for this new car. the sports had a teeny little boxer engine under the hood. since boxers . Arepretty much flat, they can be .

Putreally low in a car, which dramatically lowers the . Centerof gravity which .

Thereforeimproves handling. (engine revving) (tires squealing) tetsuya and yoshi really d that, so .

Yeah,check. . Wedefinitely want a boxer for the car. there’s just one little problem, though. toyota didn’t make one. .