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8 Pictures Audi S5 Wallpaper Good Looking

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Forsponsoring the back to me guys welcome back to another and another very windy day here in the uk to the s that have watched the previous s who would have known that we fitted the rs star bumpers to the audi s5 only realizing that the rear. bumper with the exhaust it didn’t quite . Fitright . Soif you see now they’re back boxes i have to chop the tips off and it still didn’t quite line up with the exhaust tips which are built into this bumper so we’ve got to do something about that so we’re going to be taking it to custom chrome in the meter today to get a little exhaust modification . Andit’s not just going to be a standard replacement it’s going to be a little bit wild a lot of you would know what a 4.2 v8 from audi sounds from standard but for those who don’t not going to disagree it sounds pretty damn good but we’re gonna make it a. little bit louder so let’s head off to custom chrome you guys are gonna see what’s about to .

Happenso this is obviously the aftermarket bumper the rs bump up which supposedly fits with the s5 exhaust turns out it didn’t really so there’s the butchered tips that we did in the previous it’s in the top right corner so today we’re just literally the guys here going to be chopping the back box from there i’m putting a straight part well deleting .