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Favorite 10 Images Citroen Ds Wallpaper

to talk my 1971 citroen ds this car premiered back and i. believe october of 1955 and it remains. to this day the most innovative car ever designed the most unusual car ever designed a car with more different . Featuresthan any other car you know some cars that have one little feature but everything else would be pretty standard this is totally new totally original thinking and just totally french this was designed by . Andrelabret. i think i’m saying his name . Righti’m .

Notgood with these french names and a .

Gentlemanpaul magus ma g yes i think it. was he was the first one paul was the first one to come up with the idea of using fluid under pressure as a spring you know prior to this car everybody uses shock absorbers or springs and the idea of using fluid as a spring well it. just didn’t happen the genesis of this car was actually prewar and then they hid it from the germans during the occupation of france and after the war they worked on it to this day .

Itstill looks a car of the future you know a lot of times you’ll see movies from the 80s or 90s to show the future and they show people driving by in . Oneof these because even though it was designed back in 55 it still looks futuristic it’s so unusual the front it track is wider than the rear that’s for aerodynamics the . Rooffiberglass for lightweight keith centum gravity low very clever idea move the taillights up here what people can actually see them because the car is so low . Thepneumatic suspension we’ll get into that in just a minute and this is to this day the most comfortable car. ever built i don’t believe there’s a rollsroyce or mercedesbenz or any other car that rides as comfortably is this it was not built to be a nurburgring car certainly the only letdown in this car was the was the engine when this car was designed the idea was to use a sixcylinder watercooled flatsix .

Much a porsche . 911well it just got a little too expensive and they went to their tried and true watercooled fourcylinder a .

Verysafe car in .

Theevent of an accident this is the first car with the end where the engine and a crash would go under the car if you . Hitthe front end it would literally go down under the car and not come into the passenger compartment and .

Killpeople it’s just a fascinating automobile i’m going to change a tire later i’m .

Goingto show you how .