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that’s right back with another epic generations race and this time we’ve got a trio of mighty mitsubishi evos prepped and ready to do battle and we’re all about to find out just what happens when old school meets new don’t go anywhere . Thisis gonna be sick let’s go. to officially got let’s get it so welcome back once again to another intense generational race between free mitsubishi lancer evolutions aka the evo and today we’re lining up three similar powered examples the six seven and ten to see exactly what happens when two tuned .


Schoolmanual evos meet a new school top spec modern dct example and in partnership with race logic and as usual we’re gonna be running four different tests first it’s a zero to sixty next up it’s a quarter mile run after that it’s a drag race to the quarter mile and finally we line all cars up for a quarter mile roll race let’s get over and meet all cars and their owners so first up welcoming back lee . Tothe battles and his 510 brake horsepower mitsubishi evo 7 built and tuned by norris design modifications include a forged 2liter long rod engine gt 262 cams id 1000. injectors a ross sport hp b9 turbo and a link g4 x ecu the evo 7 is running on michelin ps4s street tyres and weighs in at an estimated 1400 kg giving him a power . Toweight ratio of 364 brake horsepower per ton and drives all four of its wheels via its manual transmission and he’s going to be stepping up against the newest of the bunch introducing kieran and his ultra rare 440 brake horsepower mitsubishi . Evo10 fq40 mr so modifications wise the car is actually near . Enoughstock however standard equipment includes k n air filters a hks turbo and a jam speed exhaust the evo 10’s running on dunlop’s sport max street tyres and is estimated to weigh in at around 1650 kg giving him a power to weight ratio of 266 brake horsepower per ton quite a bit lower than the sevens but drives . Allfour of its wheels via its dual clutch transmission . Andwe’re hoping its speedy gear changes will make up . Forits power disadvantage and last but certainly not least introducing simon driving the oldest of the bunch his 500 .

Brakehorsepower mitsubishi evo 6 maintained and recently retuned by autotalk believe it or not .

Thisengine was built over 12 years ago and is still running strong modifications include a fully . Forged2liter engine a precision turbo a twin plate clutch and a link g4x ecu the evo 6 .