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i just got my windows tennis i gotta roll down okay you just don’t reach for yourself right now the reason i stopped you don’t have any insurance on the vehicle yes i do where’d you get it when did you get it insurance yeah when i got the car okay so are you still paying on it or did you get this car and then stop . Payingno because uh so i had to so when i first got the car they . Putthe wrong plane on there .

Soi just got it transferred let’s see if they okay i didn’t put the new tab on . Therebecause the one they’re so good so secretary of state just shows that it doesn’t have it . It’snot a huge deal uh the other is do you have . Amedical exemption for the tenant i do and i’m i’m not lying to you to my other car how i got the paperwork all that it has to be you have to present it to secretary of state i did i mailed it to him but i got .

Thecopy of it that was two weeks ago okay and it might be attached to your operator’s license that’s fine it’s not a huge deal so and i don’t know do you live in dearborn yeah so you know the number one complaint we get in dearborn is people’s driving over sure uh we just do more stops it doesn’t . Meanthat getting yeah i got people hopefully people slow down that’s .

Allright so we appreciate you letting us know for sure anyway okay thanks. damn i just screwed up the tent so you’re saying that i didn’t .

Haveinsurance but . Iliterally just got my tags renewed two days ago so why would they renew my tags and when i’m in trench yeah i was a block away from getting them in more for the day too we good i think i’ll let me go all right sir do you have any idea when the insurance is going to attach to i have no idea so i said i went there see the date the 17th yeah and i had to uh i had to transfer the other plate to the customized plate and then she asked for insurance so i gave her that okay let’s see if you can figure that out . Justso you can stop getting stopped call the call the secretary of state uh .

Secretaryof state or . Yourinsurance no my turn is good until yourself yeah no but if it’s not attached to this play oh you .