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10 Pictures Amg Gt 4 Door Wallpaper

effectively mercedes to the porsche panamera turbo so in this i’m gonna take you for a walk around the design i’m gonna show you inside it and obviously take you for a test drive and for a spin on the track and before i do that make sure you to this and click the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new what you’re looking at here folks. is the most powerful engine you can currently get from mercedes so this 4 liter twinturbo v8 has 639 horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque in this gts model you can get a slightly less powerful gt version with 585 horsepower 800 newton meters but . Thenyou don’t have the bragging rights despite the name the amg gt 4door isn’t actually anything to do with the normal amg gt coupe a so intent of being rearwheel drive it uses the allwheeldrive system from the e63 s which is handy .

Consideringthe performance on tap which i’ll demonstrate now seeing as this is mercedes most powerful car you can buy it makes sense to do standing quartermile run in it and i’m gonna use the cost special data logging equipment so i’ve got in it sport your settings left foot on the brake floor the throttle billed the revs up with my pedal then go oh come on. this is going fast what’s it gonna do. and that is the standing quarter we did it in 12 point two four seconds yeah i. was actually expecting it to go a . Littlebit quicker as i’ve timed it ii 63s i did eleven point two seconds shall we give the gt2 the chance that’s quick there we go that is super fast whoa and thy is enough of that so what did we get standing quartermile in eleven point. nine seven seconds that’s not too bad considering the gt weighs . 200kilos more than the 863 but then it is a little bit more special than a pump to be class this is .

Aunique amg car you will not be able to get a normal mercedes version and it very much looks an amg doesn’t it you’ve got m g’s latest grille there and it just seems bigger and more aggressive then on its other models it’s huge there’s also huge air intakes to feed air into that four liter v8 engine though the ones down here can actually . Shutoff when . Theengine doesn’t need cooling to aid aerodynamics and moving down the side you’ve got some led . Headlightsthere they’re very very sleek and actually if you .