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Favorite 9 Audi Rs6 Avant Wallpaper

and today is a good day because today we are testing one of the rarest cars we’ve ever had on our this is a one of 64 worldwide cars so a very limited edition and it is the audi rs6 . By. Opt.but it’s not just a . Regularrs6r it is the johann opt signature edition so 64 of these are going to be made this is number eight and it is for sale at du park in the netherlands so if you’re interested go check them out they have an awesome collection of cars .

Forsale a really cool company and as you might imagine there are not many of these for sale so if you’re interested in this particular . Cargocheck out dubark but they have a lot of other cool stuff as well so today i’m going to show you around it we’re going to talk about all the stuff that up does to make this car special. what kind of exhaust is that very cool um and we’re going to take a look at . Theinterior of course and after that we’ll take it for a drive towards the . Ultraman. Foran autobahn blast . Allright so we’re going to start with the exterior now there are a few things on the outside that make this car special of course we’ve got a full body kit but the thing that makes it unique is that it has this carbon . Fiberwith a metallic red fiber in there or a there’s a really small red little stripe on on each fiber .

Almostwhich gives . Itthis red hue it’s not really red carbon fiber but it’s just a little red accent incorporated into the carbon fiber now you can see that the front .

Bumperis different than a regular rs6 i actually took a photo of a regular rs6 that was for sale at dubark or espressil . Atdubark so you . Guyscan see the especially this part right .

Hereso the air intake for the cooling you can see that .

Thisis . Muchbigger on the opt than this triangle you can see that it goes a little bit more to the left it’s much bigger and of course we’ve got this part in carbon fiber as well with that red accent in there we’ve got the front splitter down here with a johan opt autograph thing in there very pronounced front splitter now all the arrow has been tested by opt in the . Windtunnel in stuttgart and at papenberg which is a a big oval so everything has . Beentested up to 330 kilometers an hour which is .