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7 Nice Pictures Honda Integra Type R Wallpaper Good Looking

a screamer this engine anymore. shift box what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out to top and out my name is max and today we’ve got a very special car well very special at least on our and in europe because today we’ve got a honda integra type r and this is the dc 5. version which was only ever sold in japan and . Soit is righthand drive and that also means that today i have to shift with my left hand which is a first for me so i want to apologize in advance for any board shifts or if it looks i’m driving a manual gearbox for the first time it might look a little bit weird so today i’m going to show . Youaround it show you the spec show you everything and i will take it for a drive towards the older man for a quick glance over there but before we begin don’t forget to and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we a new and follow us .

Oninstagram at o2 opinel if you so this car we had this car on our channel a couple of months ago when yella the owner . Askedus if we wanted to film his car so he went and drove his integra type r on the autobahn and he got some decent times out of it from 100 to 200 kilometers . Anhour . Andthen unfortunately his engine blew yeah it was super sad and we were we felt really bad about it but he’s back now he has rebuilt it there’s a new engine in this car and .

Wellhe said it’s done you guys can drive it so thanks yellow for being a great sport about it and letting us drive your car because it is freakin awesome so it’s a. red car obviously and together with a lot of dark black accents the blackedout headlights the black wheels which are really cool we’ve got some tour proxies are 888 tires which are slicks as you can see we’ve got some brembo brakes for the type are a nice type our sticker over there a huge rear wing and a nice exhaust on one side so this cars from 2002 and as i said . Itwas only sold in japan so this car is imported from there. and it is glorious let me tell you it is something special is there anything else. and so okay this is another disclaimer apart from the shifting with my left hand . Idon’t have any knowledge about these cars so i .