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of discoveries are ancient manuscripts that have been found to tell about our existence from a different perspective. controversial point of view. several ancient books tell a different story. a different story about human origins and human abilities. these ancient texts, which are generally . Consideredmythological, contradict almost everything said by scholars and modern history. some of them are partially accepted, while others and some of their pages are called myths because they shake the . Foundationof what we know about our civilization. these books are real and part of history, but unfortunately . Thehistory we have studied over the years completely ignores them. that is why in this we will take you on a journey in which we will introduce you to five ancient books that are both controversial and fascinating. they can change the understanding of human history. consciousness ars . Notoriais considered to be one of the most controversial and mysterious books ever created. it is part of the socalled “little key of solomon”, which includes the books ars .

Goetia,ars theurgiagoetia, ars paulina, ars almadel and ars notoria in this we .

Willtalk about ars . is the oldest known part of the little key of solomon. first mentioned by michael scott in 1236, the book contains a mixture of mystical, historical and occult content. a series of prayers related to those in the hidden book of honorius are designed to give eidetic memory and instant training to the magician. let’s open a bracket and explain about the hidden book of honorius and the eidetic memory. honorius’ sworn book is a medieval grimoire allegedly written by honorius of thebes. there is still a significant mystery about honorius’ exact identity. the . Latinword “juratus” contained in the title is usually translated as “sworn”. in this case, it is intended to mean “bound by an oath.” the book is one of the oldest surviving medieval grimoires, as well as one of the most influential. in 93 chapters, it covers a wide variety of topics, from how to save .

Oursouls from purgatory to catching thieves or . Findingtreasures. contains many instructions on how to . Summonand command demons, perform other magical activities and knowledge of what is in heaven. eidetic memory, more commonly called photographic memory, is the ability to recall pages of text or numbers and the that contain many details of highprecision memory that have been seen even once. some copies and editions of solomon’s little key completely miss ars notoria. . Aewaite, for example, completely ignores it when describing the small key. ars notoria is not exactly a book of spells or potions, but a book of prayers and speeches .