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Best 8 W211 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

hidden function the lighter on mercedes w211 to use the lighter, it is necessary to you that the key was in the ignition lock. we remove a key and the lighter doesn’t work any more. now works, shows a voltage of 13 volts. we can make so that the lighter worked without key. we uncover the safety lock.    move safety lock 15 a on the right. maybe you will have other complete set. from these two safety locks move .

Oneon the right in our case .

Wehave to transfer this safety lock the lighter works . Alreadywithout key. entrance to the engineering menu on comand. we press and hold the buttons (mute) + (end) + (serv) opening . Ofdoors from the remote controller two modes when you block doors . Andthen to unblock, all doors will be unblocked you can change the mode and at the first pressing only the driver’s door opens. . Andby repeated pressing .

Onlyall four doors open for this purpose you hold both buttons pressed 10 seconds the red bulb doesn’t blink .

Yet.the red bulb blinks, everything means function changed. after that when you block doors and then unblock doors, only the driver’s door opens at repeated pressing all four doors open. very convenient function. how to . Changethe mercedes logo at start to amg. for this purpose we press and we hold the button of . 5,3 of 7 how . Tocheck oil level in the engine on mercedes w211 we open . Akey on the first situation. we thumb through in the menu where 0 km/h is written three .

Timeswe press the dumping button. here shows 4.6 liter of oil. how to unblock in the movement we press and hold the buttons (mute) + (end) + (serv) after . Thatwe press 1, 3, 8 then 1, 4, 7 also we put on off funktsii rest on mercedes after engine shutdown you can use residual heat of the engine for heating of salon, but no more than 30 .

Minutesthe sbc stop function on mercedes to include the sbc stop function, press the handle a control cruise down. sbc stop joins and the car itself holds a brake. it is convenient on traffic jams. when press the accelerator pedal, the car starts but sbc stop is included you take away . Aleg about accelerator pedals and the car itself to brake. it is .

Veryconvenient . Intraffic jams. to turn off function simply we press the handle a cruise control from ourselves function tunnel mode on mercedes. when you approach a tunnel and windows are open, you press the button of recirculation and all windows are closed after .