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gymnasium in fact. and it is the greatest fourwheel drive vehicle ever made. prepare for the most extraordinary event of your lifetime an event that will forever alter the course of mankind and womankind . Thenext major turning point in the history of all civilizations yes the humble ever underrated suzuki chimney the unbelievably small unbelievably simple and unbelievably capable fourwheel drive mini suv that has been a staple both on and off the road around the . Worldsince 1970. the original suzuki chimney was introduced in 1970 and was originally based on the obscure hope star .

On360. suzuki had. purchased the bankrupt hope star motor company in 1968 and were impressed by the capabilities . Ofthe tiny low production on360 which in trials had almost managed to summit mount fuji itself despite being thrown together on what looks tin cans and an engine from a lawnmower this miniature suv eventually evolved into the first generation suzuki jimny lj10 built on a sturdy ladder frame chassis solid .

Frontand rear axles with . A. Transfercase that could . Switchbetween rearwheel drive and fourwheel drive with little competition .

Injapan and a few competitors of a similar size it became an instant success . Andthe first generation was followed by a second in 1981 commonly known as the suzuki samurai in the states and then a . Thirdgeneration . In1998. and that is what i own 2005 suzuki chimney now this is a third generation suzuki chimney and for context they released this first in 1998 and they stopped production in 2018. think of all the generations of cars the upgrades the advancements in car design and technology that happened over those two decades and they were still making the chimney in the exact same way so that . Titleas the best four wheel drive vehicle well i know that’s a little bit of click bait but i will say there is a significant argument that could be made that the suzuki gymnasium and more importantly the lineage of the suzuki chimney the family that represents it from the first generation all the way up to the newest fourth generation is the most consistent the most welldesigned and the most true to its roots as a small capable and affordable offroader now what i want . Todo over the course of this is give you a little bit of a tour of .

Mysuzuki chimney and tell you a little bit more about why it . Isso perfectly suited to where i live on the small island of rossi so this is the exterior of my suzuki chimney and actually this is where i keep it this .