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you up to ski bomb raised yeah you filling in for someone no blow up their handicap i raced every week really yeah i didn’t know you did that oh yeah sick you had fun show these racers hey skiers i’m jeff from i’m bob how’s it going uh we got a fun one today huh bob i dare say it’s our most expensive wall we’ve put together yeah i . Guessif you had excluding comparisons because comparisons we had more skis up here i don’t know man do you think eve just this many stokely’s just exceeds that those comparison articles it’s very possible could . Bebut no i thought this was fun uh today we are going to talk about this new 2023 stokely montero ax um but we’ve got a lot of 2023 stokley’s in the building so i thought i started putting this wall together and i started with this one and i was .

well we should probably have this one so we can show the difference between the .

Monteroand the laser yeah which are minor .

They’reup there but they’re minor . Andwe’ll get to that and then i was well i got to balance it out with two skis over there so naturally went montero ar thought that laser gs was cool and then it just kind of got out of hand and just kept yeah kept going from there the snowball effect was . Realbuilt on this wall but i mean that laser laser wrt pro i know people are interested in that one so yeah things cool i had to throw that one up there yeah i think we’ll we’ll keep our focus i think we’ll do our best um but here it is this is the new montero ax we know you guys have been waiting for this one we’ve had a lot of comments questions asking when the montero ax review is going .

To. Comeout some people even went as far as poking and prodding how come you haven’t done this yet right . Ina fun loving way yeah so we appreciate that um really exciting ski so stokely has done away with the laser ar and the laser ax and now we have montero ar . And.montero ax um would you . Doyou think it’s fair to say that when stokely .

Madethat announcement there was a little bit of panic i would say general freakout is a more appropriate term is that above panic that’s .

Abovea little panic i think people were really uh they expected the worst yeah and . Ithink that they’re getting the best yes so .

Iagree 100 you could probably end the review right there right but we won’t because that’s what we not what we do we’ll probably talk about this thing for 20 . Minutesbut they . Didaway with the laser ar and the . Laserax in favor of these montero ax and montero ar skis um i think part of it was people were just nervous that they weren’t called lasers anymore sure i think the performance really is pretty similar to the outgoing skis and i think taking them out of the laser line kind of makes more sense yeah and i think that that’s just a brief segway to your storm rider over there that you have and we kind of discussed that a little bit where montero is .

Nowkind of bridging . Agap between laser and storm rider yeah so maybe just from a marketing perspective it makes makes some sense i think so um but you know certainly it doesn’t the you said the performance hasn’t changed enough to warrant a whole new . Categoryit’s more just yes i think the wording of it is is effective i .

Agree. 100so let’s take a look at this montero ix specifically and how it changes from this ski we are sold out of the laser ax luckily this is one of our coworkers personal skis that we had him bring in today so we could kind of talk about the changes i think starting with shape really all there is to say about shape is that it’s two millimeters wider yep and that’s true both . Inthe . Tipand the waist dimension the tail is just one millimeter wider so as . Youpointed out before we started filming it is one edge thickness . Wideryep which is really pretty minor it’s a lot of fuss for one edge width of . Changetwo millimeters is not much right yeah now as far as we can tell you know we’ve been kind of looking at these skis back to back you know we went as far as kind of stacking them together looking at the difference in the tip shapes stuff that that increase in width is about all i can tell for change in shape yeah i would call it negligible at best yes at . Mostif there is a chain . Ifthere are further changes in shape it is .

100negligible yeah and not just from us putting the ski back to back but skiing them yep you . Knowin in that experience with them on the feed on snow totally not not a not a wild change at all . Nopeum i .