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Best Plymouth Roadrunner Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

hemi roadrunner not messing around this week we’re taking a look at a 1971 plymouth roadrunner with a 426 hemi installed from the factory and this car is just bad to the bone i mean if . Youlook at this thing by 1971 the roadrunner styling had changed it was a brandnew design for 1971 plymouth tried to clean up the aerodynamics on these cars and they did a really really good job the things that you notice right away is that the whole overall profile is now more rounded instead of being very nachi with sharp corners previous road runners one detail that really helped the aerodynamics on the car is the fit of the bumpers i mean if you look carefully you’ll see that the front bumper is a new around it design but it blends really smoothly into the fenders in the hood and that reduced wind rain the rear bumper the same thing it fits really nicely up against the quarter panels and against the tail panel the side marker .

Lightshave a flush design the door handles change style and became a little bit smoother the the whole . Caroverall aerodynamically as much slippery er you’ll also notice . Thisone has a lower chin spoiler in the front to keep it stable at high speed and high speed is what this thing was all about i mean it’s very sinister looking in black and it’s got the gold reflective hemi stripes that go over the top but under the hood is where all the power is it’s got a 426 cubic inch chrysler hemi made 425 horsepower at 5,000 rpm 490. footpounds of torque at 4000 rpm but the cool thing was for 1971 the dodge chrysler plymouth products that retained the hemi engine kept the higher compression ratio because in 1971 performance numbers were really starting to fall off for a bunch of reasons . Thefirst and probably the biggest was the insurance companies we’re . Leaningon the manufacturers to kind of detune these cars to prevent racing and wrecks on the . Streetin fact for 71 there’s .

Anad that shows the 383 and 440 road runners. claiming to be characterized under a standard car insurance rating . Whichmeant weren’t susceptible to a surcharge even though they had a 383 or 440 and the reason for that is because 471 christ’s . Arereally detuned the 383 and 440 dropping the compression ratios down into the eights but not the hemi car the hemi car remained 10.2 to 1 was the same power level as it always had been the dual fourbarrel carter carburetors on top big long duration high lift camshaft .