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Best 12 Hennessey Venom F5 Wallpaper

hennessy special and i’m here today to give you a quick update regarding our venom five testing program so we want to let you all know that over the last year we’ve tested a number of our cars and our technical development . Processhas now been completed and during that process we’ve done a lot of the testing here at our own private test track next to our factory the pennzoil . Provingground but we’ve also completed four runway tests so about a year .

Ago. Wetook .


Chassisnumber one car our .

Prototypecar which is a customerowned car to arkansas and broke the 200 mile per hour mark and since that time we’ve done three runway tests with the johnny bowmer proving grounds the 3.2 mile long runway where the nasa used to land . Thespace shuttle in florida and so we did tests october december and our most recent tests in february we ran a little over 270 miles per hour so we’d to show you that .

Realquickly . Checkthat out and i’ll let you know a . Littlebit more about our . Testprogram and where we . Gofrom here check it . Out. she so okay well there you just saw our venom f5 running a little over 270 miles per hour . Weweren’t down there to try to set . Arecord we were actually in the process of doing our final calibration for suspension . Forbraking and for the overall error performance and engine performance of the car so we’re going to take a little bit of a break . Onour high . Speedright now our focus will continue to be on building cars for clients we’re delivering cars to clients and we may deliver up upwards of a . Dozencars this year so hope you get to see them on our social media or see them at one of the future events .

Atpebble beach car week quail exotics on broadway but know this that when the idea of the venom . F5came about many years ago the idea of making that car the fastest and having it . Break300 miles per hour was core to the dna of the car that’s still something that we’re very intent on doing so the . Journeyto 300 miles per hour continues again i can’t underscore enough . Howimportant it is to build a car that’s a lot of fun and but still very safe and so our engineers john heinrock and heinrich will continue to push the car and . Pushthe envelope of the car we’ll keep you posted again we’ll take a bit of a break but we’ll probably .