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Favorite 10 Mercedes C300 Wallpaper

by other top now my name is max and today we are taking a look at the allnew 2021 mercedesbenz cclass we’ve got a c300 today and we’re going to check it out to see what has been changed compared to the previous cclass of course and how it compares to competition the bmw 330i i’m going to show you around it we’re going to talk a bit about the spec we’ve got today and then i’ll take it for .

Adrive towards the ultrabound for an autobahn blast the new cclass all these new mercedes cars the . Sclassthe eclass the cclass and the aclass. saloon they are a russian doll you know what what are they called matus matushkas or something that it’s a bigger version and then you take it out and there’s a little smaller version and then you take it out and there’s a little smaller . Versionand then that’s what this feels and the thing is it kind of works on the sclass but the further down you go the stranger the cars look and we’re going to do this a bit differently today . Becausei’m just going to show you the rear because i think this is the best place to kind of say that on an sclass the . Proportionswork and then i just don’t feel these lights they i think they look a bit weird on this car the car in general looks a bit a . Bitfat a bit obese a bit i don’t know it doesn’t . Lookapplause and the default this a class .

Front.i don’t know i i think it’s a bit of a .

Weirdcollection of different models that they thought okay we’ll just make a new cclass with all the parts from other cars it’s just a bit strange um anyway let’s take a look at the car we’ve got an obsidian black cclass with i think this is a new design grill . Withthis little mercedes logo in there all . Theselittle ones so we don’t have a pan americana grill which is great because everyone and their mother is putting a pan americana grill on their regular mercedes cars and i hope that mercedes will not do it because they are offering i think they’re offering the panamericana grill on some cars as an option that really don’t deserve it so i hope they don’t do that with the new cclass we’ve got these amg wheels uh inch with goodyear eagle f1 tires they’re a bit too sporty you’ve got a very narrow tire and the cclass is about comfort .

Mostof the time especially .