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Top 9 Ferrari Engine Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

welcome to ferrari seven oaks and as the title of this was suggest today we’re going to be taking out a ferrari f50 onto the roads around the local area uh as part of the series we’re driving the f40 the f50 and the enzo all in the same very sunny day and as if the f40 wasn’t rare enough they made just 349 of these cars called the f50 because it was the 50th year anniversary of a ferrari carrying on 10 years later from the f40 significance of it is naturally aspirated f1 derived v12 all driven through importantly this right here the sixspeed manual gearbox now this will be the very first time that i have experienced an f50 in passenger or driver’s seat but to be driving it today it’s going to be outstanding now things to consider in this no power . Steeringno abs no . Overlyfancy traction control it’s just about as pure as it gets v12 manual driving experience ultra rare the thing that’s gonna be stand out on this car is that this has a very fancy straight through exhaust system so the sound today with . Thisroof section out it’s going to be absolutely ridiculous so if you want to know more about this car there’s a further link . Belowto when we’re at ferrari colchester which is part of the same group as seven oaks down here where we have a bit more of an indepth walk and talk through the big five ferraris so if you want to know about that click the link below but now let’s go out on this thing so hello and welcome to an incredibly loud ferrari f50 and as we. did with the f40 uh one thing that you don’t often .

Findyourself doing is driving an f50 at all one thing you certainly don’t find . Yourselfdoing is driving an f50 through town this is something that doesn’t really get spoken about in terms of what . Thesethings feel it’s sort . Ofcivilian . Speedsreally um i have to tell you other than this thing being borderline obnoxiously loud . It’sactually really easy i mean this car has zero . Powersteering that was one of its unique selling points really there’s absolutely no driver assistance from this car at all so when you’re driving it slowly it feels a little bit heavy maneuvering the car around as soon as .

Youget it rolling become look at that there’s no power steering this at all it’s so delicate it’s so light and yet so much tactile feedback to it so i’m actually taking this exceptionally steady not just because we .