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about and i know you kids all the fancy animals okay but stop being so thirsty for hippos because unless you’re a colombian drug lord you’re never gonna own one okay instead today we’re . Goingto talk about . Theanimals you’ll actually encounter the ones that will infest your house animals the fruit fly this is a mild infestation as far as insects go fruit flies are pretty chill they’re most brooklyn hipsters very picky eaters and they have zero upper body strength also they do it doggy style who knew anyway getting rid . Ofthem . Ispretty straightforward to stop leaving piles of rotting fruit lying around duh a worst infestation is bed bugs much army hamer they feed on human blood getting rid of bed bugs is almost impossible so if you get them the best solution is to just leave walk out the door start a new life miley cyrus people think hannah montana was a character but it was just who she was until she got bed bugs next up ladybugs or as scientists call them women bugs this is maybe the best infestation .

Youcan have they don’t really do anything and for bugs they look pretty they’re . Beetlesthat just got their nails done but enough about insects let’s move on to . Mammalsspecifically mice the freeloader rodents and to be clear not all rodents are freeloaders just look at squirrels they’re small business owners .

Hustlingout there renting storage lockers for their nuts but mice just want your food now mice to come into . Yourhome because it’s nice and cozy that’s why the best way to deter them is to make . Yourhome cold and inhospitable a scandinavians if you do have mice you’ll know because they take these little shits in your house that look exactly chocolate tic tacs but they are not chocolate tic tacs that’s a lesson i learned many many times finally the king of pests raccoons raccoons evolved millions of . Yearsago when a bear monkey . Ofcourse i’m just kidding science doesn’t actually know where they came from mostly they just go through your garbage looking for food and anything they can sell on ebay their whole nature recycles you have to be careful around raccoons they’re one of the primary carriers of rabies a virus that makes animals act they’re from new jersey if you see a raccoon foaming at the mouth do not go near it with a calzone it will fight you for it so yeah those are all the animals you . Actuallyneed to know about i hope you found .