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Best 10 Vw Scirocco Wallpaper

closed more over there you just feel that backside. what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out atop an owl my name is max and today we’ve got another s car which is awesome always love to drive your guys’s cars so it’s a volkswagen scirocco r and. it has been fiddled with a little bit so it’s not stock it delivers around 315. horsepower which is a very nice amount so today i’m going to show you around the car show you what .

Theowner tobi has done with it then we’ll take it for a drive that way and do a quick autobahn blast to finish. but before we begin don’t forget to and hit that notification bell to receive updates when we a new and if you have a very cool car that you want to with the rest of the world and with us you can .

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Acouple of pictures and some information to a little panel at so what has been done to this. car well obviously it has been wrapped by proton reps toby told us that he wanted sort of a nardo gray color this comes very close i would say he has also. blacked out the volkswagen logo it has some very. cool black wheels with pilot support for. s tyres thumbs up these are zito wheels if i’m correct. zito yeah and this is flowform but i. really the design i think it’s very cool black mirror caps black roof black . Doorhandles with a scirocco logo on there and it has a very cool rear wing. apparently this is an optional . Wingfrom volkswagen but look at that little winglet that that point of the spoiler it looks super cool we’ve got a black our logo black volkswagen logo again and we have an fi exhaust front to back d. cat so it sounds very mean let’s take a. look at the engine so it’s a 2liter tsi. from volkswagen stork 265 horsepower and. 350 newton meters now 315 horsepower and. i think about 450 newton meters of torque i think this is the e a113 . the prefacelift car this is from 2013 and it was facelifted in 2014 . got the new ea 888 engine that they still use in . Herewe have the very cool. optional volkswagen our seats the bucket seats with this superawesome black backside which is just really cool they. look excellent seating position is not .

Thatgreat for me i sit a bit too high and a bit weird with the steering wheel but that .