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Best 10 Porsche 911 992 Wallpaper Good Looking

be empty because you’re emanuele max are you stupid you are doing very nicely sir maybe do a pov review of the new bondage what’s up. ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out atop an owl my name is max and today we are . Herewith the old new porsche 911 992 carrera s recently. we have driven the 992 carrera 4s sodo on with fourwheel drive but we thought let’s take the two wheel drive version as well and see what the difference is so today is going to be sort of a short little driving experience of the carrera s as . Youcan see it is at night it is 10. past 9:00 in the evening right now and we thought well let’s do a little quick review with the carrera s and take it to the ultimen it should be rather empty over there so should be a lot of fun if you haven’t seen the review of the carrera . 4syet and you want to see that one click in the . Topright corner maybe come back after that to check out this one and don’t forget to and hit the notification bell to receive updates when we a new and follow us on instagram at o2 top and album alright so right . Nowi’m going to do a walk around show you the incredible spec we’ve got it in then we’ll take it for drive i’ll do a 0 to 100 kilometer an hour measurement over there and we’ll take it to the altar man i hope . Withenough light to properly blasts it down. there okay so we’ve got a dark blue 911. i’m not sure what the correct english name is but i’m calling it gentian blue. it is really really beautiful it’s a deep dark blue it looks exceptionally well on this car if you ask me i think it looks really cool especially with that light bar running across the rear with that retro 911 badge dual exhaust. we’ve got the sport exhaust as well .

Andwe’ve got the 20inch rs spyder wheels. at the front and the 21 inch at the rear with some goodyear eagle f1 tires . Veryvery i really love this spec. i loved the red brake callipers with the blue car i think it . Looksreally good what do you guys think let me know . I’llcrouch down because you’re always complaining that i’m too tall so maybe this is better if i quasimodo it oh. yes much better okay enough let’s go and drive it before it gets dark so in here we’ve got a carrera . Slogo on. the door sill the speck on the inside is a little less exciting than on the outside we’ve got a little black leather. although i have to say that the quality . Ofthis leather is really good it’s so supersoft and well it’s super nice .

Of.course we’ve got aluminum trim but it’s a little bit dull if you ask me especially compared to the outside which is beautiful so we’ve got the digital instrument cluster with the floating displays and the analogue rev counter in . Themiddle we’ve got the entire system . Whichis great and we can select our driving modes there as well start . Itup and we can use the driving selector i said this in my carrera 4s .

Reviewas well i don’t this new drive selector i think the old one was much nicer but .

We’lljust go to sport bluffs and . Ithink that’s it yeah okay so i’m. going to try to compare it to the 4s and i’m also sort of going to try to compare it to the 718 models because i drove. that one today as well earlier today so i have that you know . Stillfresh in my mind so . Immediatelywhen you get into. this car after you’ve driven a 718 the first thing you notice that this car feels so much .

Biggerit just it’s it feels heavier it feels bigger it’s less agile and that’s something you notice when you get out of the 718 but . Youmaybe wouldn’t notice if you would drive it you know regularly alright so we’ve got the faux mount get my phone out. greggy connect all . Rightso the carrera s has 450 horsepower 530 newton meters 0 to 100. 3.7 seconds if you have the sports chrono package which we do because we have this stopwatch and the drive selector that means we’ve got launch control as well so that means that it does 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds let’s see if that’s correct launch control oh you have to shift yourself because .

You’reemanuel max are you stupid. jesus okay at least .

Mytires are warm now okay again three point four seven so. that is right on the money let’s see if we can do another one that’s a little bit useless. hook up come on come on come on 3.38 man this thing is ridiculously quick i mean this is just a carrera s and it already does 3.35 we did earlier which is. totally insane okay turn off traction control back into manual mode we’re losing daylight oh slow dutchman jesus okay so this is kind of cool .