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level racing the launch of the peugeot 9×8 and you can just see the influence of the peugeot design in this car and also the aerodynamics have played a massive part in the design there’s no rear wing which is a massive talking point . At. Thispress conference for us it was mandatory that when any fan any spectator will see the car you will say it’s a peugeot i recognize it’s . Special.if it’s as fast as it looks we’re gonna we’re gonna be quick it’s great to to have a new generation .

Ofcar it looks really different compared the past one the first impression is a very good one it’s exactly what we’ve been dreaming about that hyper cars will look and i think the peugeot guys have done a very very nice job. we saw beginning of this year that it’s possible to achieve this coefficient without the rearrange we made the .

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Aced it works in the . Windtunnel and we’ll see by the end of 2021 if it works also . Onthe track normally out . Ofmy experience cars that look good in most of the cases also run good and with the experience . Thatpeugeot has and how strong they have been in whatever category they have been i’m very convinced this is a car that is going to win the races 2023 will be a great year for anniversary of le mans with so many car manufacturers on gauge in the championship i think that together we will write a great pages of endurance motorsports.