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9 Nice Pictures W212 Wallpaper Good Looking

first ninespeed automatic gearbox with hydrodynamic torque converter it’s outstanding level of efficiency helps to reduce fuel consumption by 6.5 percent speed jumps between the gear ranges are reduced considerably this enables the driver to change gears more quickly in fact the shifting process is hardly noticeable as the 9g tronic can skip single gears multiple down shifts are possible for powerful acceleration let’s have a look at the system in more detail . Despitethe two additional gears and . Theelectrohydraulic functions the 9g tronic needs no more space . Andis lighter than its predecessor the 7g . Tronicplus on the left the optimized torque converter with double turbine torsional damper and centrifugal pendulum in front . Ofthat the torque converter lockup clutch if we pan along the transmission input shaft to the right you’ll see the patented nine speed gear set concept with its four planetary gear sets and six shift elements here is the park paul gear and below that the control for the parking lock the electric auxiliary oil pump is here . Thiscover protects the fullyintegrated mechatronic module with its control unit and . Electrohydraulicshift plate next to it we see the highefficiency vane cell pump in an offaxis arrangement and the nine forward gears really are efficient the 9g tronic is suitable for rear fourwheel hybrid and plugin hybrid drives in the next . Fewyears it will come into operation alongside the eclass in almost all series and engines you