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Best 10 Good View Dodge Challenger Srt Hellcat Wallpaper

welcome this pov review my name isn’t max but it’s martine and i’m taking over because max is on a holiday in greece and he’s enjoying himself so i thought why not get a really cool car and make him jealous this . Weekso i got this hellcat a car you guys requested hundreds of times but it’s quite difficult because this car the hellcat is super rare here. in europe and that’s because we have to co2 taxes and that means that this car . Isa bit more expensive than over in the us but aec europe the importer for. dortch vehicles got this hellcat they decided to bring it to europe and bring it in full glory we have a very very. nice spec today except for the color i think white with blue racing stripes. it’s not really my taste but who knows maybe the us people d it and today i’m . Goingto find out if it’s as good as the european performance cars and how the performance is how it copes with this 727 horses i guess horse him a. horse face is with max in greece but i’m super excited to drive this car i never thought i would get the chance to drive it okay where do we begin maybe at the front and you see the new. hood this is the 2020 model which means you get the dual snorky hood so you have these two air inlets and they are not the only air inlets on this car because as you can see there’s an air inlet which the hellcat is almost famous for this one is functional this one . Isn’tit’s . Closedas you oh i my hands are too thick and there’s a third inlet and it’s above the front splitter i don’t know exactly where it is but i think behind this mesh grille you got a srt bags in the. front which means streetrace .

Technologywhich we are going to do later on and this is no ordinary cat but this is the widebody as you can see look at how wide that wheel arches it’s absolutely insane and because it’s a widebody you get bigger tires as well because normally you get 275 all round. but with the wide body you get 305 spirelli p zeros . Andthe european spec is a bit different than the usbacked the u.s. .

Specyes it’s cheaper but you get more a standard on the european version this widebody thanks to a ec and what i love . Mostabout the hellcat just look at that badge how cool is that it’s they went a completely different .