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me again on another visual tour this time we are doing a good old fashioned unboxing of the mms 216 back. to the future 1:6 scale delorean and i’m. pretty excited to this with you this is a true unboxing i am a film in this as i open it with the audience i’ve noticed a lot of other reviewers they tend to just jump right to the vehicle and give their two cents i thought would be kind of cool to show the experience of the unboxings with the audience because i know i kind of feel that a lot of folks will never be able to truly experience hot toys vehicle on. experience just because these these toys. are pretty you know damn expensive and it is a unique experience to to own an. apple one and display it so i decided you know what let’s let’s just . Doan unboxing here and let’s show the folks what it’s to receive a 1/6 scale. vehicle from hot toys so i thought .

It’dbe kind of cool to look to take this .

Routeand so far i’m. blown away by .

Thesize of the box the infamous sticker packet instructions which i will cover more about . Thesticker dilemma later down the i know that’s a big that was a big concern and a big for a lot of . Folksthe. power guardrails what’s what i’m gonna call that done i’ll top of the phone there it’s kind of cool and very very lightweight i for some reason .

Ithought the .

Boxwould wave but just you know kind of comparing it to the tumbler and i think that clock set. in here happened to the nuclear reactor that’s as . Muchan accessory system again. holy smack that’s beautiful holland’s a gorgeous car you guys gotta check this out i i found it really really impressive to kind of take a look .

Atthe door even though i i have seen it twice already last year’s comiccon amendment and then the year before this particular model .

Wasintroduced as prototype in 2014 for the . Sendingof common toilets first time i ever laid my eyes on .

Itand it blew me away back then and i’m just really really excited that i was able . Toyou know work hard and . Savei finally get this because uh it is a beauty it i if if you folks. don’t know i am a big big back to the future fan i’m pretty excited that hot. toys took the initiative to make this vehicle just kind of explore in it kind .

Ofchecking it out i .