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Best 5 Good View E30 M3 Wallpaper

e30 m3 the original bmw m3 which started a lineage. that continues with great success to this day the e30 m3 is also my very favorite bmw. which is a bold claim to make but . Todayi’m going to review this car and explain why it’s true . Beforei get started a quick reminder to check out cars and bids which is my new online car auction website for modern enthusiast cars if you have a cool car to sell from the 1980s and up sell it with cars and bids the ultimate place to sell your cool cars from the modern era you can also buy cool cars they’re right now live . Forauction on cars and bids we have this and this and this and many many others that you should check out so if you’re looking to get a cool car or get top dollar for your cool car go to i’ve borrowed this m3 from a viewer here in san diego and first i want to provide a little overview the m3 is of course the high performance version of the popular bmw 3 series with m standing for motorsport now the m3 has become a global icon but . Itall started with this car in the 1980s the e30 m3 made its debut in europe in 1986 and it came out in north america for the 1988 model year here in north america the original m3 had a . 2.3liter fourcylinder engine and it made about 190 horsepower now that doesn’t sound much but this car only weighed around 2600 pounds which is just insanely low compare that to the modern m3 it has up to 450 horsepower but it weighs a full thousand pounds more the m3 has certainly become more powerful as it’s aged but it has also put on a lot . Ofweight the e30 m3 was offered as a coupe or as a convertible although only the coupe was available here in north america now the e30 m3 was sold through the .

1991model year eventually bmw followed it up with the e36 m3 which brought the m3 into the. mainstream where it’s been a huge success ever since the e30 m3 is pretty rare bmw . Onlymade about 15 000 of these for the entire world and only about a third of those came to north america .

Nowi’ve previously said that the bmw 1 series m is my very favorite bmw and i still think it’s . Fantasticbut last year i drove the m2 competition and it was just better and i realized then that bmw was still improving things in that segment there’s still room .